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Iv breeding guide
Iv breeding guide

Iv breeding guide

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Oct 23, 2013 - Breeding a male Pokemon and a female Pokemon with a Hidden Ability yields the best chance to pass it down. IV Judge (Kiloude City Pokemon Center) – The IV Judge will take a look at your . Thanks for the guide.

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POKEMON BREEDING GUIDE (GENERATION IV). From Generation II onwards, you're able to breed two compatible Pokemon together by leaving them at theOct 23, 2013 - Just to note, you probably don't want a Honedge with 31 speed. Your Aegislash should try to always attack second so it takes a hit in its Shield How to breed perfect Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha How to IV Breed in Pokemon X & Y Pokemon breeding is a method of obtaining a new Pokemon by producing and hatching 1.4.1 Generation II; 1.4.2 Generation III; 1.4.3 Generation IV; 1.4.4 .. and Egg-hatching · The Ultimate Pokemon Center's Generation II breeding guide

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However, IVs are very important, since a good IV may add up to 31 to a particular stat when the This guide will also show you how to breed such a Pokemon.?Section One -?Introduction to IVs and Nature -?Section Two -?Section ThreeBreeding Perfect Pokemon in Pokemon X&Y | Smogon › Forums › Play › Wi-FiCachedSimilarOct 21, 2013 - 25 posts - ?16 authorsSince breeding perfect Pokemon is now actually reasonable without RNG manipulation, I figure I'd throw together a brief guide designed to get veteran Additionally, should one of your Pokemon have an IV of 0 in any stat,A Quickstart Guide to ORAS Breeding/Training25 Nov 2014Done - Breeding Perfect Pokemon in Pokemon X&Y29 Oct 2013Part I of the Breeding Guide - Introduction to Breeding28 May 2007Part IV: Hidden power breeding in Emerald, Diamond and Pearl 28 May 2007More results from www.smogon.comGuide to breeding pokemon with Perfect or near-Perfect IVs 18, 2013 - 10 posts - ?6 authorsThanks to Gen 6's new breeding mechanics, obtaining perfect Next, breed this pokemon with a Ditto that has a perfect IV that you wish to Complete Pokemon Breeding Guide Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Best What are IVs in Pokemon / IV

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